"Only those who do not stop hearing the appeal of their humanity are artists or understand the art."

Nicola Abbagnano


Present a work exhibition of a talented artist like Paulo Cabral is simple and difficult:

Simple, because what we will see is pure art, academic present art, that is, all that is best in the academic with the brilliance of modern and existential suggestions.

Difficult, because the aesthetic experience may not be described only by narratives.
But perhaps in this difficulty we may ask for help to the own Art, not the pictorial which we are talking about, but Poetry:

Artistic Dualism

Mature, but young
Concentrated, but inspired
Sensible, but bold
Introspective and generous,
This is Paulo Cabral

Significant, but uncompromising
Noble, but anarchic
Ludic, but serious
Beautiful and intelligent
This is his Art.

Marcos Peters

Paulo Cabral © 2010
All rights reserved